3-Hour Workshop: Today’s Health Economics and Reimbursement Landscape

“The FDA gives you permission to sell your technology, but it doesn’t give us a single reason why we should buy it.” 

– An official from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)
Innumerable medical devices and diagnostics make it all the way through proof-of-concept, venture capital funding, patenting, and FDA clearance only to be denied coverage and reimbursement by CMS and private payers. A myth still abounds that FDA clearance is the ultimate hurdle. Those believing this myth, however, sail over the FDA hurdle only to smash into the wall that is the payer system. Where’s the disconnect? 

Health economics is an area of research that manufacturers often want to ignore when developing a new product – and it’s killing them.
What’s more, reimbursement rules are continually changing, and your established value proposition has to be continually updated and re-proven to adapt to the changing market environment. This, even if your product has a history of successful market access and utilization. 

In this workshop, Nic will share his secrets for obtaining reimbursement – or getting paid – by any one of a number of customers. The morning will be filled with case studies providing concrete examples of what to do – and what not to do – to achieve and maintain market success. This is a session you shouldn’t miss.