Why You Should Eventually Attend the 10x Medical Device Conference

10x Medical Device Conference is the cross-functional event where the medical device industry unites to grow your skills, network, and profit.

It’s designed to foster strong professional relationships among medical device players eager to learn smarter ways to do things with industry-leading resources.

For what level? This medical device event is geared equally for senior and junior level professionals in the medical device industry.

If you’re senior, you’ll return with ideas the team can use. If junior, you’ll return with specific lessons, materials, and action items to do your job better.

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Are you a First Timer?

If you haven’t attended a 10x Medical Device event yet, make 2020 the year you do.
Wear jeans, indulge in our famous ice cream social, relax with movie clips between medical device networking sessions, and enjoy music videos in the background during the breaks.

In short, come!