10x London is a go!

Thank you, Medical Device Community, for your invitation to host a 10x Medical Device Conference in London! This will be first of many, I hope!

You want to know what 10x is all about and whether it's right for you. Here's the backstory that brings you up to date for this, our tenth event.

Doors open at 7:15 for breakfast on 17 February 2020. "Last call" will be 8 p.m. and your £495 registration includes full-day catering (breakfast, fork buffet lunch, coffee breaks, food, drinks – and our famous ice cream social!).

If you can't spend a whole day with us, please attend the evening events starting at 5 o'clock: A thought-provoking keynote presentation, immediately followed by a 'two-hour cocktail and hors d'oeuvres' reception. (Just £90 for the three-hour-long evening package.)

We’ll be in this amazing room!

Are you a First Timer?

If you haven’t attended a 10x Medical Device event yet, make 2020 the year you do. Wear jeans, indulge in our famous ice cream social, relax with movie clips between medical device networking sessions, and enjoy music videos in the background during the breaks.

In short, come!

Schedule for 17 February

Attend and join our tightly knit group of industry professionals.

7:45 AM

Breakfast (doors open at 7:15)

We’ll bring the coffee, tea and croissants, Danish pastries, and fruit juice.

You bring your smile, business cards, and positive energy for the day ahead!


9:00 AM

Conference Opens

Conference Host Joe Hage welcomes you to the conference and sets the stage for the productive and enjoyable day ahead.

Joe Hage

9:10 AM

Three Continents, Three Ways … My Greatest Lessons from Leading Medical Device Businesses around the World

Details to follow but Drew is one of the best medical device marketing leaders out there. I’m delighted he’s joining us!

Drew Pieprzyk

9:40 AM

How To Make A Bigger Impact On The European Market

10:30 AM


During our short break, meet new friends with the technologies and skills to get you to market smarter – and faster!


11:00 AM

Is Your MDR State of Affairs "State of the Art?"

This “State of the Art” thing isn’t just “nice language” to describe your cool technology.

No, it’s much more, as Michelle scratches the surface, below.

Michelle Lott

11:30 AM

Fast Round: Meet 5 Companies That Can Help You Right Away, Part 1

Click here to apply for one of the fifteen Fast Round spots.
This is how a ‘Fast Round’ works:

  • It’ll be just you and Joe onstage, both sitting on bar stools.
  • Joe will ask questions, the kind he’d ask if he walked up to your trade show booth.
  • Joe won’t prepare in advance. In fact, the less he knows, the better.
  • Joe will start with this question: “Tell us your name, where you work, and why we should care.”
  • Questions will flow naturally from there.
  • Joe may also ask (so be prepared): “Teach us something about your work (but not in any way self-promotional) that you believe the average guest in our audience may not know.”
  • If you choose to bring something onstage, it will be small enough for you to carry on and off the stage.
  • You’ll need to fill out a simple one-page template. During our three minutes, we’ll project it onscreen to aid visual learners. It will also appear in show photographs (and can subsequently be used for your social media efforts).
  • It will be recorded and professionally edited for your later use, however you see fit.

It’ll be fun, casual, and a real crowd-pleaser. Starring you!

Here’s an sample Fast Round. Should we feature you too?
(A modest additional charge assessed to cover production costs.)


12:00 PM


We have a lovely fork buffet planned. I get to choose five items (not sure which yet).

So if you have a preference or dietary restrictions, now’s the time to let me know!


12:50 PM

Interactive Competition around Configuration Management

This is an interactive exercise that emphasizes three key configuration management principles:
• Effective dates determine when documents and parts can be used
• Documents lead, parts follow
• Planning is the only way to control part usage in operations

Martijn Dullaart

1:30 PM

Yes, Innovate – But Do It With Guard Rails

2:00 PM

Medical Device Marketing Musts

2:30 PM

Ice Cream Social (Very Important!)

No offense to our speakers, but this is my favorite part of every 10x.

Make your own sundae with all the toppings! Yay!

Ice Cream Social!

3:00 PM

Get Small: How to Design Implantables with Solid-State Batteries

A novel technique for stacking and interconnecting solid state cells was shown to significantly increase the energy density and decrease the internal resistance of the battery stack. This development could enable further development of next-generation neuro-stimulation devices by providing an energy source of minimal size (mm-scale footprint and um-scale thickness), appropriate energy density for increasing functionalities and long life avoiding the risk and cost of removal

Main takeaways from the presentation:

  1. The requirements of medical sensing devices (implantable and non-implantable) in terms of their size and shape; lifecycle; cost; safety and bio-compatibility) and technical performance (ability to provide energy and power for sensing, communications, data storage)

  2. A review of alternatives for powering such devices autonomously including a comparison of the specifications for the power sources: coin cells, cylindrical batteries, solid state batteries, lithium polymer batteries, other chemistries (Silver-Zinc…), super-capacitors

  3. Alternative for charging these power sources wirelessly through induction or harvested energy

Denis Pasero PhD

3:30 PM

The Next Phase of Robotic Surgery

4:00 PM

How to Get Your Foot in NHS' Door Today

4:30 PM

Event Recap

5:00 PM

Keynote: The Impact of AI on Medical Technology and Patient Safety

AI is coming and there is no stopping it. The momentum for AI usage in the healthcare industry is building up and likely to exceed an annual growth rate of 40% by 2021. The biggest benefits of AI are expected to be in the areas of:
robotic surgery, radiological image analysis, diagnostics, and nursing. Fully automatic and autonomous medical systems are already released and being used, and nurses and doctor’s have started adopting the technology to reduce manual work, and to provide more accurate service and impactful interventions to patients. An analysis by Accenture says that key AI applications in healthcare can create $150 billion dollars in annual savings for the US healthcare economy by 2026.

While in other technology areas application of AI is geared primarily at performance, for healthcare applications the primary focus should be on safety. The benefits of AI are so tantalizing that they may overshadow the risks associated with the technology. Ensuring safety of AI is of paramount importance, not only to patients, but also to AI itself. Only a few catastrophic outcomes could spell doom for AI.

Bijan Elahi

6:00 PM


• 2-hour reception and networking with our sponsors, speakers, and guests
• Two drink tickets, light food included


Can’t make the whole event but want to mingle and learn? No problem, join us Tuesday night for our keynote and reception.

We’d love to see you!

Come to our Reception!

8:00 PM

Program Ends (kind of)

It’s true, the day-long program has concluded.

But the new relationships you formed are just beginning!

If you go back to work and don’t keep in touch with the people you met, well, why’d you come in the first place?

Go. Cement relationships. Build your network of medical device professionals on whom you can rely.

Start with me: linkedin.com/in/joehageonline.

You’re a 10x alumnus now! You can call me anytime, for anything.

I’m happy to know you.

Keep in touch!

Top Speakers

You'll Get To Know These Medical Device Leaders

Bijan Elahi


30+ year risk management and systems engineering expert; a prolific speaker and educator.

Drew Pieprzyk


Global sales and marketing experience at multiple medtech companies developing new business

Mathieu Charleux

MedTech Accelerator

Medical device professional helping startups to big size companies grow their footprint in Europe

Michelle Lott


Regulatory strategist closely following MDR, quality systems, due diligence, and grief counselor

Joseph Anderson

Institute For Process Excellence

Specializing in enterprise operational excellence: Training and standards

Joe Hage

Medical Devices Group

Your 10x Host, Chairman of the Medical Devices Group, and medical device marketing consultant

Richard Tuson

Health Analytical Solutions

Expert in gaining medical device adoption through NHS and private hospital groups in the UK

Martijn Dullaart


Enterprise Config. Management expert; Integrated Process Excellence (IPX) Congress Chair

Xavier Golay

University College London

Chair of Magentic Resonance Physics and Translational Neuroscience

Dan Plev

London Spine Clinic

Neurosurgeon for the entire spine; degenerative and traumatic conditions, tumors, kyphoplasticity

David Hampton

Stone Bridge Biomedical

Serial medical device founding entrepreneur and senior associate at the University of Cambridge

Denis Pasero PhD

Ilika plc

Senior scientist, commercialisation leader for solid state batteries; Internet of Things applications

David Tuch

Lightpoint Medical

CEO at Lightpoint Medical
Turning Science into Better Treatments

Event Recap


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Keynote + Reception Only 🍷

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What Alumni Say About 10x


I am never not going to go to 10x. This is a MUST ATTEND event.

John Eckberg

Cook Group

The people you pulled aside for us, and the relaxed, collaborative tone were excellent.

Brett Goldsmith

Nanomedical Diagnostics

I’ve never been to a conference where I made connections like this one.

Leonard Eisner

Medical device consultant

I hope other conferences “drop the pretense” and let people be themselves like 10x does.

Nicholas Anderson

Intermountain Health

The April 2018 event exceeded expectations. Top notch with lots of extras.

Jason Spencer


My only regret is not inviting more people.

Rob Packard

Medical Device Academy


Providing expert services to the medical device community

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