John Crombie

UpStart Product Dev.

John Crombie is Founder and President of UpStart Product Development LLC, an end to end product realization company.

He is also CEO of Centaur Sports Medicine, dedicated to providing unique Physical Therapy solutions. In addition, John leads R&D for several medical device companies.

For more than 25 years, he has developed innovative products for orthopedics and spine surgery, sports medicine, plastic and reconstructive surgery, neurosurgery, blood diagnostics, medical software, general surgery, women’s health procedures, consumer, recreational, and global emerging markets.

He served in numerous industry technical roles as well as Innovation Facilitator, Process Excellence Master Black Belt, and head of a corporate Design for Six Sigma department.

John has developed several global new product development processes for organizations, including Johnson & Johnson and Allergan. He is skilled in identifying next-generation product opportunities and traveled frequently to China to teach his unique tools and techniques to Chinese marketing and R&D teams.

Previously, John was employed by Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon and Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics, by Pfizer’s Howmedica and Leibinger, and by several private organizations and startups. He is also very active with Operation Smile.

John holds dual Bachelors degrees in Physiology and Mechanical Engineering and a Masters degree in Business Management. He serves on the New Jersey Institute of Technology Industry Advisory Board and sponsors and advises senior design teams.

Most notably, John has commercialized 70% of his 28 patents into new products spanning across 6 companies.