Gary Cohen

Dexcom Sr. Director

Gary Cohen has been developing software and running software development organizations throughout his 30-year career. Beginning in digital automated inspection and semi-conductor manufacturing, Gary then settled into medical devices which has now spanned more than half of his career.

Working at the Al Mann company, Minimed, in Southern California, Gary entered the medical device industry where he was responsible for bringing the first web-based, class 3, Diabetes Therapy Management Software to patients and doctors. Continuing in the Diabetes industry has been Gary’s passion as he has continued to advance development in this area, help shape software in the view of the FDA, and make differences in peoples’ lives with Diabetes.

Now at Dexcom (based out of the Portland, Oregon office) Gary works to continue to bring new advancements in data science through software. As software continues to be shaped by the regulatory environment, Gary helps drive strategy and direction around delivering different levels of capabilities for Dexcom customers.