Mohamad Foustok

Mohamad has more than 25 years of leadership experience developing secure software for mission-critical applications. His leadership experience ranges from CTO at a medical devices startup to Chief Software Architect at a Fortune 500 company. He has led hundreds of software projects ranging from embedded drivers in tiny microcontrollers to global enterprise and government communication systems with the highest levels of security. Mohamad designed and implemented the first and only in-browser crypto module to receive FIPS 140-2 certification and the only FIPS 140-3 compliant solution for securing commercial devices in classified spaces. He has worked directly with the highest security organizations in the US (NSA, CIA, DISA, DoD) to develop highly secure communication systems, and he designed one of the only software systems in the world that can thwart both Spectre and Meltdown attacks per NSA’s review. As a partner and Chief Software Architect at Bold Type, Mohamad now dedicates his vast software and cybersecurity expertise to helping medical device companies bring secure, FDA-compliant software to market. Mohamad received a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Imperial College, London, and has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, completing all coursework required for a PhD with a 4.0 GPA.

Matthias Fink

Matthias is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and a consultant for medical devices. He has 17 years of experience as a medical professional and 6 years working as a clinical reviewer for a European Notified Body to help medical device manufacturers bring their devices to the market. He is specialized in the regulatory requirements for clinical data for medical devices and the planning of pre- and post-market clinical investigations.

Randy Landreneau

Randy is the President of US Inventor, an organization working to restore the American Patent System. The future of American innovation depends on the ability of the independent inventor to defend his or her patent rights, no matter how disruptive the invention. Randy is also an inventor and President of Complete Product Development, a company that provides CAD design, prototyping, 3D printing, silicone molding and educational services to inventors and companies.

Gregory Grissett

Greg helps medical device innovators protect their innovations, minimize IP related risk, enforce and defend against all forms of IP assertions. He does this primarily through patent preparation and procurement, post-grant proceedings, patent litigation, and various types of patent analysis. In addition, he routinely advises companies on technology transactions through drafting and negotiating joint development agreements, software development and service agreements, copyright infringement, and licenses for all forms of IP.

Greg has significant experience in global patent portfolio development and management with particular expertise in European and Chinese patent law systems. He also maintain an active practice in design patents.

Randy Landreneau/Gregory Grissett

Johnathan Fansler

For over a decade he has led global branding projects for global companies and brands that are seeking the right approach (the first time). He thrives in challenging brand development and brand implementation projects and approaches each with a seasoned viewpoint.

Recognized by industry leaders in the consumer and technology space like PepsiCo, Panasonic and Bausch Health, his well-rounded skillset and industry connections ensure your projects have perspective. Another problem he enjoys solving pertains to what he tries to master on the grill.

Jamie Cobb

An outstanding record of success leading creative assignments for multiple global brand identities and significant US product launches in technology, life sciences, finance and advocacy. Led several top life sciences companies to embrace storytelling and creative asset management to build work that stays fresh and relevant, and resonates with more stakeholders throughout its entire product lifecycle. Interests include evolving the traditional agency model through new resource allocation and inspired methodologies that put designers, technologists and storytellers in mutually beneficial dialogue.

Specialties: Global Brand Strategy, Integrated Stakeholder Strategies, Communication and Core Message Development, Franchise and Portfolio Strategy, Copywriting, Workshop Planning & Facilitation

Justin Bushko

Details to follow.

Jan Gates

Jan Gates has 35+ experience in package engineering for foods, pharmaceuticals, detergent, and medical devices with a BS in Food Science and MS in Packaging from Michigan State University. Her work includes individual contributions and leading teams for packaging material and systems design and development. The packaging design and development have been completed to meet regulatory, product protection, and customer use requirements. Her work includes production optimization, validation, and minimal packaging for sustainability. She has previously worked for Bristol Myers Squib, Conagra, Lever Brothers, Dade Behring, and Abbott Vascular. She currently works as an independent consultant in her company, PackWise Consulting. Jan works with ASTM D10 and F02 committees for rigid/flexible packaging and environmental package testing. She is also working as a US representative on various ISO TC 122 committee for packaging testing, vocabulary, labeling, and product shipment. She was a task group lead with AMMI on a US guidance document for compliance with ISO 11607-1/-2 (packaging for terminally sterilized medical devices); the guidance document was converted to ISO/TS 16775. She is on the IoPP (Institute of Packaging Professionals) HealthPack Advisory board and IoPP Medical Device Packaging Technical Committee member.

Omar Khateeb

My story might be a shock but my mission is simple: I want to change how medtech companies sell and market to physicians by using social media in a powerful new way.

Here’s my story:

Growing up in the US/Mexico border town of El Paso, Texas I am a first generation American.

The idea of discipline, honor, and hard work were engrained in me by my parents.

I went to medical school on an academic scholarship and dropped out in 2012 to pursue a career in technology.

I found my way into an exciting surgical robotics company called Mazor Robotics, the first robotic spine company.

I started off “carrying the bag” as a clinical sales rep before quickly getting promoted to US Marketing Manager for my ability to do great patient marketing campaigns and market the technology.

The past decade has been spent at various high-tech startups driving growth and technology adoption through growth marketing and category design.

This includes two publicly traded surgical robotic companies through their IPOs as well as co-founding a consumer product for men’s fashion.

In 2022 I launched my own venture, Khateeb & Co, with a mission to help medical sales people drive technology adoption using social media.

I also launched a media company called “The State of MedTech” which helps physicians and industry professionals learn more about the latest trends in medicine through a podcast, webinar, blog, and live show. The majority of the episodes offer CME credits via a physician’s reflection.

My areas of focus are category design, driving adoption of new technologies, and developing strategies to channel attention towards generating demand.

In my spare time, I love teaching and mentoring young professionals. Im an avid reader and also paid public speaker.

You can follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (@OmarMKhateeb) or Youtube (Mind Loom with Omar M Khateeb).

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