Vivek Kopparthi

From his LinkedIn profile:

Vivek Kopparthi is an empathy-driven entrepreneur focused on advancing innovations/solving problems that are life-changing. His hunger, drive and humility enable him to rhinoceros through complex techno-managerial interdisciplinary endeavors. In his journey from being a smart to a wise leader, he has traversed several projects, learning pathways, visions and people thereby developing several mature mental models at a young age.

He brought NeoLight, an infant Jaundice focused medical device company from founding to where it is today. His leadership led the company from early ideation stages through product development, FDA regulatory clearances, clinical trials, hiring key leaders, establishing strategic partnerships, and fundraising.

He is a contributing author on and, mostly focused on healthcare and innovation advancement. He sits on several advisory panels/boards with an intent to give back and make a difference. He has won numerous awards including the Forbes 30 under 30 for healthcare, Times Now NRI of the year and the top 20 influential AZ millennials.

He attributes his work to his teachers/mentors who form his rock-solid support system enabling him to see beyond and realize his full potential.

Gregory Grissett

From his LinkedIn profile:

Mr. Grissett helps medical device innovators protect their innovations, minimize IP related risk, enforce and defend against all forms of IP assertions. Mr. Grissett does this primarily through patent preparation and procurement, post-grant proceedings, patent litigation, and various types of patent analysis. In addition, Mr. Grissett routinely advises companies on technology transactions through drafting and negotiating joint development agreements, software development and service agreements, copyright infringement, and licenses for all forms of IP.

Mr. Grissett has significant experience in global patent portfolio development and management with particular expertise in European and Chinese patent law systems. Mr. Grissett also maintain an active practice in design patents.

Mr. Grissett’s technical and patent experience includes:

Medical Devices – cardiovascular devices, orthopedics (ACL repair and reconstruction), catheters, heart valves, collagen implants, biologics, stents, sutures & suture deployment instruments, robotics, embedded IoT medical devices, SaMD (software as a medical device), diagnostic systems

Material Science — smart textiles, textile-sensor integration, wearables, composites, nonwovens fabrics, melt extrusion, polymer spinning, paper formation, and paper machine belting

Oil & Gas — MWD tools, LWD tools, mud-pulse telemetry, pulsers, rotary steerable tools, electromagnetic telemetry systems, signal processing, sensor and software integration, communications systems

Software/Electrical — gaming applications, app development, augmented reality systems, virtual reality systems, machine learning, graphical user interfaces (GUIs), visual light communication systems

Dr. David Albert

Dr. David Albert founded and leads AliveCor as its Chief Medical Officer. With AliveCor’s KardiaMobile device, Dr. Albert invented a reliable way to record your own EKG, anywhere and anytime. FDA-cleared, clinically proven, and used by the world’s leading cardiologists, KardiaMobile gives you instant medical grade results that detect Atrial Fibrillation (AF).

From this LinkedIn profile:
Started Corazonix in 1985.
Sold to Arrhythmia Research Technology in 1991.

Started Data Critical in 1995.
Went public in 1999 (DCCA: NASDAQ).
Sold to GE Healthcare in 2001.
Worked at GE Healthcare on New Technologies and Products.
Left GE as Chief Clinical Scientist of GE Cardiology in 2004.

Started InnovAlarm in 2004.
InnovAlarm will be split into three separate startups, each addressing unique opportunities and markets. Lifetone introduced our first product, the LIfetone HL Fire Alarm and Clock as the first UL-listed, patented low frequency and tactile fire alarm in the guise of a standard alarm clock. It is the most effective alarm for awakening all at risk people in a night time fire emergency.

Started AliveCor in 2010 to commercialize my smartphone ECG invention as one of the earliest and most clinically validated digital health innovations.

60 issued US patents, 25 currently pending.
100 published abstracts and journal articles in the Cardiovascular Literature

Specialties: Cardiovascular diagnostic devices (ECG, echo, CT, MRI, nuclear)
Audio digital signal processing (alarms, Doppler Echo)
Patents (software and devices)

Maurizio Vecchione

From his LinkedIn:

I am focused on driving high impact solution to help improve the health of the planet and of all humans on it. I believe that solving some of the world’s biggest problems unlocks some of the greatest opportunities. I am an advocate for climate and health innovation, health equity, an impact fund leader, and a global transformation architect.

My career spans over 30 years at the forefront of climate tech, global and public health, focusing on innovation to improve the lives of the world’s most vulnerable people. I am the Chief Innovation Officer of the Terasaki Institute for Biomedical Innovation, a non profit where I am helping a strategy for translation of breakthrough technologies in life sciences and bio-medicine, for planetary health and human health. I am also jointly appointed at the non-profit Washington Global Health Alliance, an alliance that federates the leading organizations working to achieve global health equity. I am also the President of Openwater, an early stage company pioneering new modalities for stroke care and prevention as well as neuroscience and neurodegenerative disease.

I am an investor in life sciences and advise multiple venture and private equity funds, especially around impact investing, including as a Partner at Ethos Capital and at Adastral Funds.

Previously I led Global Good Fund, the collaboration between Bill Gates and Intellectual Ventures to invent and deploy technology specifically focused on improving life in developing countries, I have been at the forefront of research & development and commercialization of novel cancer screening digital health technologies, novel in-vitro diagnostics, disruptive biotechnology and medical devices as well as in the use of data science for predictive analytics in disease epidemiology and bioinformatics. I have pioneered new models for reverse innovation and private sector investment in impact innovation which I have executed with companies and governments around the world.

I also serve on the Board of the UCLA Ronald Regan Medical Center, the University of Washington Department of Global Health, the Italian Scientists and Scholars of North America Foundation (ISSNAF) and as the Pacific Leadership Fellow at the University of California, San Diego.

Anthony Chang

Passionate advocate for use of artificial intelligence and innovation in medicine to transform global healthcare for both children and adults.

Dave Sheppard

Mr. Sheppard has been a leader in the Medical Device Industry for more than 30 years. His experience includes positions such as GM and VP, as well as high impact sales and marketing leadership roles at Major 500 Corporations (Covidien, Bard, Cooper and Ciba). His achievements also involve work at start-up organizations (including working pre-IPO on a successful IPO company).

He has become an expert in delivering Organic Growth for companies of all sizes in global environments. He has also successfully obtained EBIT growth thru successful M&A activities.

His worldwide results included completing distribution and licensing deals with international businesses, comprising of Major Fortune 500 companies (i.e. GE, Philips, Siemens, etc.) as well as smaller entities. These experiences have led to a global network of contacts with channel partners, large and small. Dave has been involved in “go-to-market” strategies on every major developed continent (Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, North and South America).

Now, at MedWorld Advisors, Dave works with clients focused on growth, international channel development and getting companies on the market. He collaborates as he leads the strategic development of client organizations and creates tactical execution plans that help exceed organizational objectives for short and long term growth.

As Principal at MedWorld Advisors, Dave is focused on inorganic (thru M&A business development), strategic alliances, organic growth and EXIT Strategies for the Med Device, Biotech, and OEM Medtech companies.

For M&A, the goal is to help small and medium companies maximize their VALUE with their EXIT Strategy and/or achieve SUCCESS with their acquisition Strategy.

For Growth companies, the goal is to collaborate and lead the strategic development of client organizations. The aim is to create a strategic plan that delivers tactical actions which lead to exceeding organizational objectives for short and long term growth.

Dave is dedicated to the success of the MedTech, BioTech, Life Science and Healthcare Industries and the Companies involved within it! He sincerely believes that each of our successes contributes to all of our success!