Ty Hagler


From his LinkedIn profile: As a career industrial designer and innovation practitioner, I have managed hundreds of new product development programs through the process of opportunity identification through to commercialization. I was an intrapreneur within Home Depot, leveraging an OJOP sponsorship to make the business case to senior executives to create new product development capabilities within the retailer – then lead the portfolio of internal new product programs. While at Home Depot, I was exposed to many leading product development firms, which inspired the early business model for Trig. The model was further refined during my graduate studies at the NC State evening MBA program, which has been described by one client as a highly effective disruptive business model that competes at the same level as top-tier consulting firms.

Trig is a full service industrial design firm serving the consumer, healthcare, and durable goods markets. Our comprehensive innovation process includes insights and ideation, product design, and brand asset management for start-ups, mid-sized, and Fortune 500 companies across the United States. Based in Chapel Hill, the Trig® product design consulting team can be found in Charlotte, Raleigh, Knoxville, Los Angeles, and Richmond, Virginia.

Conventional wisdom of working with design firms says that we need to all be in the room together; Trig challenges that convention through our investment in digital collaboration tools and methodologies that drive a more efficient and effective process. As a fully digital company, we have built a global network of rapid prototype shops, machine shops, and contract manufacturing vendors to provide excellent quality solutions to handle the variety of client projects that frequent a new product development consulting firm.