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Nic Anderson

Fmr. Intermountain Health Payer; Economist

Nic Anderson is a consultant to medtech firms of every size and shape including universities, students and start-ups on what they should be doing in order to get paid or reimbursed. He is a guest lecturer on medtech commercialization where he illustrates that if companies pursue the wrong payment or reimbursement strategy, VCs lose money, start-ups struggle or die, growth-stage firms don’t grow and large businesses lose market share. Nic also works for Intermountain Healthcare at its insurance company, Select Health, as the Senior Medical Technology Analyst where he uses health economics and outcomes research methods to determine which medical technologies (diagnostics, procedures, surgical tools, surgical devices, implantables, imaging equipment, etc.) will or will not be reimbursed.

Nic attended Purdue University and earned a bachelor’s degree in behavioral neuroscience and subsequently a master’s in biomedical imaging from Boston University School of Medicine where he used MRI to study white-matter microstructural changes. He then completed an MBA at the University of Utah.