Maurizio Vecchione

Intellectual Ventures

Executive Vice President for Global Good and Research at Intellectual Ventures, overseeing Global Good LLC, an evergreen fund created by Bill Gates and Intellectual Ventures and focused on inventions and innovation for the millions of people that suffer and die each year in the developing world from causes that humanity has the scientific and technical ability to solve. In this capacity he also is responsible for Intellectual Ventures Laboratory, a leading translational research effort and the Institute for Disease Modeling a premiere epidemiology and disease modeling simulation research institute.

Member of the Board of Directors of Nanomedicine cancer theragnostic company Arrogene. Founder and Chairman of incubator and private equity firm Synthetica Ltd. Chairman of The IDEAS Studio, Inc developing innovative science education curriculum. Cofounder of marine and ocean science non profit

– CEO of cancer nanobiotherapeutic company Arrogene, Inc.
– CEO and Member of Board of Directors of telemedicine pioneer CompuMed
– CEO of medical imaging company Trestle Holdings, (sold to Safeguard Scientific & Clarient)
– Founder and CEO of Microwave Photonics, a joint venture with British Telecom (sold to NextG Wireless)
– Founder and CEO of ModaCad/Styleclick, (sold to InterActive Corp)