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Dr. Carrie Kuehn

Evergreen Strategic

Dr. Carrie Kuehn has a diverse background and over 20 years of experience in epidemiology, medicine, FDA regulatory affairs and patient-focused policy. In practice, Dr. Kuehn has applied her skills and expertise to the conduct of observational research, FDA regulatory affairs, and patient engagement policy and practice.

Dr. Kuehn excels at taking complex, multidisciplinary problems and synthesizing them into a cohesive strategy. An accomplished researcher, Dr. Kuehn has published in the areas of public health, regulatory affairs, and patient engagement policy. During her career, Dr. Kuehn has provided consulting and testifying expert testimony in state and federal court in support of litigation as a FDA regulatory expert.

As part-time faculty with the College of Professional Studies at Northeastern University’s Regulatory Affairs Graduate program, Dr. Kuehn helps to prepare the next generation of patient-focused regulatory professionals.

With a patient-focused work ethic, Dr. Kuehn applies her adaptable skill set to address the complex issues of her clients to improve patient lives around the world.