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Jan Gates

Jan Gates has 35+ experience in package engineering for foods, pharmaceuticals, detergent, and medical devices with a BS in Food Science and MS in Packaging from Michigan State University. Her work includes individual contributions and leading teams for packaging material and systems design and development. The packaging design and development have been completed to meet regulatory, product protection, and customer use requirements. Her work includes production optimization, validation, and minimal packaging for sustainability. She has previously worked for Bristol Myers Squib, Conagra, Lever Brothers, Dade Behring, and Abbott Vascular. She currently works as an independent consultant in her company, PackWise Consulting. Jan works with ASTM D10 and F02 committees for rigid/flexible packaging and environmental package testing. She is also working as a US representative on various ISO TC 122 committee for packaging testing, vocabulary, labeling, and product shipment. She was a task group lead with AMMI on a US guidance document for compliance with ISO 11607-1/-2 (packaging for terminally sterilized medical devices); the guidance document was converted to ISO/TS 16775. She is on the IoPP (Institute of Packaging Professionals) HealthPack Advisory board and IoPP Medical Device Packaging Technical Committee member.

Omar Khateeb

My story might be a shock but my mission is simple: I want to change how medtech companies sell and market to physicians by using social media in a powerful new way.

Here’s my story:

Growing up in the US/Mexico border town of El Paso, Texas I am a first generation American.

The idea of discipline, honor, and hard work were engrained in me by my parents.

I went to medical school on an academic scholarship and dropped out in 2012 to pursue a career in technology.

I found my way into an exciting surgical robotics company called Mazor Robotics, the first robotic spine company.

I started off “carrying the bag” as a clinical sales rep before quickly getting promoted to US Marketing Manager for my ability to do great patient marketing campaigns and market the technology.

The past decade has been spent at various high-tech startups driving growth and technology adoption through growth marketing and category design.

This includes two publicly traded surgical robotic companies through their IPOs as well as co-founding a consumer product for men’s fashion.

In 2022 I launched my own venture, Khateeb & Co, with a mission to help medical sales people drive technology adoption using social media.

I also launched a media company called “The State of MedTech” which helps physicians and industry professionals learn more about the latest trends in medicine through a podcast, webinar, blog, and live show. The majority of the episodes offer CME credits via a physician’s reflection.

My areas of focus are category design, driving adoption of new technologies, and developing strategies to channel attention towards generating demand.

In my spare time, I love teaching and mentoring young professionals. Im an avid reader and also paid public speaker.

You can follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (@OmarMKhateeb) or Youtube (Mind Loom with Omar M Khateeb).

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Bassil Akra

Marc Viscogliosi

Nic Anderson/April Zambelli-Weiner

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April Zambelli-Weiner

From her LinkedIn:

My #1 priority is to leave the world better than I found it.

Throughout my career as a Hopkins-trained epidemiologist and healthcare business innovator and entrepreneur, I’ve always had my eye and my heart on the world’s most marginalized and underserved populations. My primary motivator has never been the prestige of being a Johns Hopkins scientist. It has always been patient advocacy. Working to influence healthcare policy and navigating companies with promising research and medical technologies through this complex marketplace can transform healthcare from the top down and the bottom up.

In this industry, what I often see is a disconnect between innovation and our highly regulated medical landscape. My team and I work to bridge this gap, to help MedTech companies understand how to navigate the complex healthcare landscape with integrity so they can not only bring true innovation to the market but can also operate across the entire business lifecycle.

I bring a unique combination of expertise and experience as both an executive and a scientist with 20+ years of leading and executing real-world evidence strategy, evidence generation, clinical-economic studies, analytics, post-market study design, and value communication. The breadth and depth of my journey has given me a comprehensive integrated view of the marketplace as I work to bridge the gaps that hinder healthcare innovation from reaching patients.

I believe in maximizing the micro-opportunities of addressing humanity’s rarest diseases – which impact only 1% of the population – with new research and emerging medical technologies. As a family member and caregiver of patients with rare congenital defects, I am personally vested in changing the hierarchical model of healthcare to place the patient and the provider back at the center. My success in designing studies that impact policy change is a value-add to companies pursuing opportunities to enter the market.

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