David Tuch

Dr. David Tuch is the Founder and CEO of Lightpoint Medical. He has more than a decade of experience in the medical imaging and pharmaceutical sectors. Previously, he was Head of Research Alliances at GE Healthcare and Head of Clinical Imaging at Novartis. Before joining industry, Dr. Tuch served on the faculty of Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, Department of Radiology. Dr. Tuch holds a PhD from MIT and Harvard Medical School, and a BA from the University of Chicago.

Denis Pasero PhD

Senior scientist, commercialisation leader for solid state batteries; Internet of Things applications

David Hampton

David is a biomedical research scientist and entrepreneur in medical device innovation and global business development.

David is founder of CamStent Ltd, a university spinout, and of Acacia Designs BV, a collaboration with a Mayo Clinic physician that was recently acquired by Senzime AB.

David was previously an elected Fellow at Medtronic’s Bakken Research Center in Maastricht and Research Director at Physio-Control Corp in Seattle.

He leads the Medical Device and Diagnostics course as Senior Associate at the University of Cambridge. His academic background includes an MPhil with distinction also from Cambridge, Management Science studies at Stanford University, Masters and PhD degrees in Biomedical Signal Processing from Northwestern University, and a Bachelor’s in Physics and Applied Mathematics from Vanderbilt University.

Bijan Elahi

Bijan Elahi began his career in aerospace, working at NASA on the Space Shuttle, before transitioning to the MedTech industry.

He has worked in risk management for medical devices for over 25 years at the largest medical device companies in the world, as well as small startups.

Currently, he works for Medtronic corporate as a Technical Fellow offering education and consulting on medical device risk management to all Medtronic business units worldwide.

Bijan is a lecturer at Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands, where he teaches risk management to doctoral students in engineering. Overall, he has educated over 3,000 individuals with outstanding results.

Additionally, he serves on the editorial board of the Journal of System Safety, a publication by the International System Safety Society.

Bijan is a frequently invited speaker at professional conferences, and is also a contributor to ISO 14971, the international standard on the application of risk management to medical devices. He is the author of the book Safety Risk Management for Medical Devices.

Xavier Golay

Professor Golay’s research interests lie at the intersection of many disciplines, such as NMR physics, chemistry, physiology and neuroscience. They include the development of MRI as a translational tool for neurological diseases, measuring identical image-based biomarkers from mouse to human, and from the laboratory to the clinical settings. As translation has many meanings, parts of his most important research interests include the development of MRI techniques to be used as image-based outcome measures or biomarkers in the same way in animal model of diseases or in human patients. His hope is to reduce the cycle of drug development in neurological diseases by allowing academic or pharmaceutical institutions to use similar tests across species.

Dan Plev

Dan is a Neurosurgeon with considerable experience in spinal assessment, treatment and surgery. He is a graduate of Mainz University, trained in Phoenix, AZ, USA and completed his German neurosurgical training in Munich, Germany. Until recently he was part of the multi-disciplinary team at The London Spine Clinic and still works closely with them.

He was awarded an MD for his experimental immunohistological work on proliferation markers in gliomas and meningiomas. During his training he gained considerable experience in treating spinal disorders ranging from degenerative conditions to tumour work.

He treats pathologies of the entire spine (cervical, thoracic, lumbar), degenerative and traumatic conditions of the spine, tumours, and is now a leading surgeon in kyphoplastic cement augmentation for fractures, endoscopic discectomies and nucleoplasties and teaches regularly around the world. His next plan for treating spinal conditions is with stem cell therapies which will hopefully be available in the near future.He has adopted a stepladder approach starting with identifying the issue and treating it as conservatively as possible with physiotherapy and injectional treatment, minimally invasive procedures such as nucleoplasty and endoscopy, and can then discuss fusions and disc replacements.

His philosophy is to treat patients as he would his own family, managing patients in a holistic manner and utilising the least invasive measures when possible to improve the patients’ symptoms.

Joseph Anderson

Joseph Anderson is President of Services at the Institute for Process Excellence (IpX), which provides training, standards and services to companies in enterprise operational excellence. He holds executive-level authority for the IpX global services organization, which is responsible for leading IpX clients through business and digital transformation. Joseph has more than 20 years of experience within the automotive, aerospace, marine and defense industries in various executive positions.

Joseph and IpX are on a mission: To help clients plan and achieve their transformation strategy, improve their core business operating model, embrace the digital wave, maximize efficiency, and implement sustainable growth initiatives. IpX’s network of service professionals provide a full suite of solution services and industry experience to solve global business issues.

Martijn Dullaart

Martijn (pronounced Mar-tyne) is CM2-P (CMII) certified and has a solid track record of introducing configuration management and product lifecycle management best practices into organizations to reach operational excellence.

At Atos Origin (currently Atos) Martijn introduced product lifecycle management to various organizations and implemented tools like eMatrix and home grown tools.

At Philips Martijn was leading the Change & Configuration Management program as product owner in the areas of change management, BoM management and manufacturing process management and developing/coaching a team of professionals in the area of product lifecycle management.

At ASML Martijn is leading improvements in the area of Identification, structuring information, baselining and status accounting as configuration management architect/expert.

Finally Martijn is Chair of the Integrated Process Excellence (IPX) Congress to inspire, connect, mentor, and support CM2 certified professionals in the successful implementation of CM2 and achieving integrate process excellence.

Martijn is always looking for improvements and discovers trends and takes initiative in introducing new capabilities and innovations like Industry 4.0 in order to help organizations increase quality, reduce time to market and reduce cost.

Specialties: Business Analysis, Coaching, Leading teams, Management of Change, Package Implementation, Application Development, Offshoring, Product Lifecycle Management, Configuration Management, Conceptualization.

Drew Pieprzyk

Global experience developing a new business using strategic end-to-end sales and marketing

Richard Tuson

Richard writes, “Health Analytical Solutions has over 12 years’ experience in the healthcare sector. Offering unique skills to both NHS & private hospital providers, through to medical device suppliers. The challenging world of healthcare has meant that at HAS we have been able to support many different types of clients through their journey of healthcare.

When approaching the NHS, HAS strategy is to ensure that any interaction moves away from a supplier model, to become more of a long-term solution provider. Whether this is providing capacity from your private hospitals to the NHS or supplying new innovative medical technology, supporting the health and social care act 2012. HAS, therefore, can use their knowledge of both funders commissioning with CCGs and policy experience, to better help medical device companies look at their value proposition and engage at a more meaningful way. Supporting them through the journey.

HAS recognise that change is the constant in health care and navigating it requires the right level of health intelligence. With our skills include data scientists, costing model experts, business case and policy experts, through to implementation and adoption specialists. The whole pathway from end to end is covered. We differ from others because we understand the handshake between each crucial stage. Whether that is the costings of a pathway through to implementation and potential local challenge. We have been there and helped people through the process

The NHS and private hospitals need to embrace new technology. We have been able to make some significant differences By involving all layers of decision-making processes. Ensuring that the solution is resolving the many NHS and private hospital challenges.

The team has worked on many exciting projects from rolling out new services, winning tenders from CCGs to enabling new medical devices to be adopted. Both within the NHS and private hospital groups in the UK. Ultimately providing health and social care benefits to the public.”