David Tuch

Dr. David Tuch is the Founder and CEO of Lightpoint Medical. He has more than a decade of experience in the medical imaging and pharmaceutical sectors. Previously, he was Head of Research Alliances at GE Healthcare and Head of Clinical Imaging at Novartis. Before joining industry, Dr. Tuch served on the faculty of Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, Department of Radiology. Dr. Tuch holds a PhD from MIT and Harvard Medical School, and a BA from the University of Chicago.

Denis Pasero PhD

Senior scientist, commercialisation leader for solid state batteries; Internet of Things applications

Richard Tuson

Richard writes, “Health Analytical Solutions has over 12 years’ experience in the healthcare sector. Offering unique skills to both NHS & private hospital providers, through to medical device suppliers. The challenging world of healthcare has meant that at HAS we have been able to support many different types of clients through their journey of healthcare.

When approaching the NHS, HAS strategy is to ensure that any interaction moves away from a supplier model, to become more of a long-term solution provider. Whether this is providing capacity from your private hospitals to the NHS or supplying new innovative medical technology, supporting the health and social care act 2012. HAS, therefore, can use their knowledge of both funders commissioning with CCGs and policy experience, to better help medical device companies look at their value proposition and engage at a more meaningful way. Supporting them through the journey.

HAS recognise that change is the constant in health care and navigating it requires the right level of health intelligence. With our skills include data scientists, costing model experts, business case and policy experts, through to implementation and adoption specialists. The whole pathway from end to end is covered. We differ from others because we understand the handshake between each crucial stage. Whether that is the costings of a pathway through to implementation and potential local challenge. We have been there and helped people through the process

The NHS and private hospitals need to embrace new technology. We have been able to make some significant differences By involving all layers of decision-making processes. Ensuring that the solution is resolving the many NHS and private hospital challenges.

The team has worked on many exciting projects from rolling out new services, winning tenders from CCGs to enabling new medical devices to be adopted. Both within the NHS and private hospital groups in the UK. Ultimately providing health and social care benefits to the public.”



Hey, it’s Joe Hage. If you’re on this page, you’re thinking about:
speaking at a 10x Medical Device event; or,
recommending a speaker.

Thanks! And, for full transparency, let me tell you how we select speakers.

We look for 10x Medical Device speakers who:

  • Are highly engaging (not boring, monotone, hard to follow, or hard to understand due to language).
  • Don’t cover obvious or superficial things guests could have learned by reading a short blog post.
  • Avoid self- and company promotion, unless they/their product or service is instrumental to the presentation.
  • Could be interesting and relevant to at least 50-75% of the audience.
  • Will stay with us for at least a day (not arrive, speak, and leave; because guests want to meet you!).

A slight preference is given to those who meet the above criteria, and who:
– Are well-known to industry; such as a CEO from a major medical device manufacturer.
– Are sponsoring the event in some manner.

Will I, as a speaker, have to pay anything?

We waive registration for speakers from industry, specifically medical device manufacturing employees.

We do not waive registration for speakers who serve the medical device industry since our audience is their customer base. We believe your chance to shine before your target market is a pretty great thing. Your registration also helps us defray the costs of your video (see below).

Note: It is exceptionally rare for us to pay an honorarium or cover your travel expenses. Still, these can be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Each speaker gets a video for their use however they see fit

For sharing your time and talent with our audiences, you will receive:

  • Free: A professionally recorded video – with good lighting and audio – professionally edited (switching between you and your slides).
  • Free: Your talk may be featured for the Medical Devices Group (350,000+ members) and elsewhere.
  • Free: Your video will likely find a permanent home on our 10x Blog
  • At cost: A video transcription and your video captioned. ($10 per audio minute, around $300 for most talks. I recommend these.)
  • At cost: Marketing support including “shareable snippets” (3-minute video excepts, animated) of your talk. Contact Joe for details.

There you go. If you meet the criteria, please complete this short application. Or email me for more information.

In any case, if you got this far, you see the potential in the event and I hope you’ll join us as speaker, sponsor, or guest.

Thank you! 😀

Joe Hage

Many of you know conference host Joe Hage from the Medical Devices Group, the world’s largest medical device community. Under Joe’s leadership, the group now exceeds 350,000 members and, with the launch of MDG Premium in October 2019, the Medical Devices Group is now a virtual workspace for the medical device industry.

Joe is a Wharton MBA and classically trained senior marketing professional who runs medical device marketing company Medical Marcom. He specializes in marketing communications and strategy, lead generation, and social media for medical device and related companies. Joe selectively accepts new clients and is open to international speaking engagements.