Richard Tuson

Health Analytical Solutions

Richard writes, “Health Analytical Solutions has over 12 years’ experience in the healthcare sector. Offering unique skills to both NHS & private hospital providers, through to medical device suppliers. The challenging world of healthcare has meant that at HAS we have been able to support many different types of clients through their journey of healthcare.

When approaching the NHS, HAS strategy is to ensure that any interaction moves away from a supplier model, to become more of a long-term solution provider. Whether this is providing capacity from your private hospitals to the NHS or supplying new innovative medical technology, supporting the health and social care act 2012. HAS, therefore, can use their knowledge of both funders commissioning with CCGs and policy experience, to better help medical device companies look at their value proposition and engage at a more meaningful way. Supporting them through the journey.

HAS recognise that change is the constant in health care and navigating it requires the right level of health intelligence. With our skills include data scientists, costing model experts, business case and policy experts, through to implementation and adoption specialists. The whole pathway from end to end is covered. We differ from others because we understand the handshake between each crucial stage. Whether that is the costings of a pathway through to implementation and potential local challenge. We have been there and helped people through the process

The NHS and private hospitals need to embrace new technology. We have been able to make some significant differences By involving all layers of decision-making processes. Ensuring that the solution is resolving the many NHS and private hospital challenges.

The team has worked on many exciting projects from rolling out new services, winning tenders from CCGs to enabling new medical devices to be adopted. Both within the NHS and private hospital groups in the UK. Ultimately providing health and social care benefits to the public.”