Philip Low PhD

NeuroVigil *KEYNOTE*

Philip Low, PhD, a friend of the Medical Devices Group and returning keynote speaker (2016, San Diego), is Chairman, CEO & Founder of NeuroVigil, an international neurotechnology conglomerate with operations in the US, Canada, Europe and soon in the Middle East.

Hia investors include the top law firms in the US, as well as prominent entrepreneurs, from Irwin Jacobs to Elon Musk. His advisors include Nobel Laureates.

Born a Canadian citizen in Vienna, spending early years in Paris and Switzerland, Dr. Low immigrated to the US in the 90s. He has advised four countries, the US Armed Forces, the US Congress and White House, including two US presidents.

He served on the Stanford School of Medicine faculty, had an appointment at MIT, and helped the late Stephen Hawking with his communication needs.

Philip was recognized as one of the Top Young Innovators in the World by MIT, a recognition shared with the founders of Facebook and Google. The Washington Post recognized NeuroVigil as one of the ‘Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Health Care’ and the Financial Times called his Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness, the first document recognizing consciousness in non-humans, ‘at the leading edge of one of the biggest modern-day shifts in human thought.’