Philip Low PhD

NeuroVigil *KEYNOTE*

Dr. Philip Low, PhD, a friend of the Medical Devices Group and returning keynote speaker (2016, San Diego), is Chairman, CEO & Founder of NeuroVigil, an international neurotechnology conglomerate with operations in the US, Canada, Europe and soon in South America and the Middle East.

His investors include the top firms in the US, including the top law firms, as well as prominent entrepreneurs, from Irwin Jacobs (founding Chairman and CEO of Qualcomm) to Howard Morgan (first investor in Uber) to Elon Musk (founder of a number of transportation companies and former chairman of Tesla, who was terminated as advisor in December 2021). His advisors include Nobel Laureates. His senior team members include former key executives and officials at Amgen, Novartis, Qualcomm, Roche, and even McDonald’s (though he is himself a vegan), and the Canadian government.

Born a Canadian citizen in Vienna, Austria, Philip spent his early years in Paris, the South of France and Switzerland. He graduated from high school years early and immigrated to the United States to study at the University of Chicago where he focused on Pure Mathematics and Physics, invented new neurosurgical techniques, and discovered mammalian-like and even neocortical brain patterns in birds, stunning the field of Neuroscience. While still a teenager, he discovered a compound’s previously unknown therapeutic promise in women’s health at Harvard Medical School – in nine weeks! He went to the Salk Institute on the personal recommendation of Francis Crick, Nobel Laureate of DNA fame, where he produced a one-page PhD dissertation which revolutionized dynamic brain activity mapping. By his twenties, he had already founded NeuroVigil and was already a Stanford faculty member and MIT research affiliate.

He created, chaired and presided over the 1st International Congress on Alzheimer’s Disease and Advanced Neurotechnologies, held in Monaco in 2010, and the Francis Crick Memorial Conference, held in Cambridge, UK, in 2012.

He has interacted with / advised four countries, the US Armed Forces, NASA, other agencies, the US Congress and the White House, including two US presidents, and is officially considered a ‘person of extraordinary ability’, whose presence in the US is deemed in the national strategic interest, by the US government which granted him an ‘Einstein’ EB-1 (E-16) Green Card within two weeks of the interview (he is a proud Canadian and has refused US citizenship as well as any financial support from the US government).

At the request of the late NeuroVigil advisor Stephen Hawking, Dr. Low conceived a non-invasive brain-based communication program, with an ALS patient spelling as early as 2013 without any implant.

Philip, who founded NeuroVigil with ~ $250K of credit card debt at 28% interest during the worst recession in 80 years and who owns about 90% of NeuroVigil and has an arsenal of industry-defining patents, is the inaugural (and thus far only) recipient of the Jacobs-Rady Pioneer Award for Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship given to outstanding bona fide scientists leading their companies as Chairman and CEO, and was recognized as one of the Top Young Innovators in the World by MIT, a recognition shared with the founders of Facebook and Google. NeuroVigil’s seed and Series A valuations were at over 2 and 2.5 times Google’s and Facebook’s seed and Series A valuations, combined, respectively. The Washington Post recognized the company, which won the Draper Fisher Jurvetson Venture Challenge and had Roche and Novartis as its first clients, as one of the ‘Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Health Care’ and the Financial Times called Dr. Low’s Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness, the first document recognizing consciousness in non-humans, ‘at the leading edge of one of the biggest modern-day shifts in human thought.’ The New York Times calls it ‘an unprecedented document’ in human history, and his personal brain monitor, which won the CONNECT Most Innovative New Product Award (Life Sciences – Diagnostics and Research Tools), ‘an innovation which will change your tomorrow’. His technology led TIME Magazine to state: ‘Low hopes to make checking your brain activity as easy as checking your blood pressure’ and NEWSWEEK to declare “For the first time in history, the wonders of technology have allowed us to ‘hear’ the noises our nerves make when they talk to one another.”

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