Nick Skaer PhD


Nick has been a life sciences researcher, inventor and technology translator for over 25 years with 18 years’ as a medtech company Founder, Director, CEO and CSO. He has secured >£25 million in equity investment and grants awards and s a named inventor on 37 granted patents. In 2008, he co- founded Orthox Ltd with surgeon, Prof Oliver Kessler, to commercialise tissue regenerative medical devices using FibroFix™, a revolutionary new biomaterial platform formed from the protein, silk fibroin, which he co-invented. There are active FibroFix™ programs in cartilage, bone and hernia repair and approvals have been secured for lead product FIbroFix Cartilage to enter European clinical trials in 2022.

Nick graduated in Biosciences from Oxford University and completed a Marie-Curie sponsored PhD in molecular genetics at Université Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, France and post-doctoral studies at Cambridge University. He then led the development of FibroFix™ at Oxford Biomaterials Ltd, first as CSO and then as CEO for the 4 years prior to founding Orthox. Nick is a founding Director of two other equity financed medtech ventures, Newrotex Ltd. and Suturox Ltd.