Keynote: The Impact of AI on Medical Technology and Patient Safety

AI is coming and there is no stopping it. The momentum for AI usage in the healthcare industry is building up and likely to exceed an annual growth rate of 40% by 2021. The biggest benefits of AI are expected to be in the areas of:
robotic surgery, radiological image analysis, diagnostics, and nursing. Fully automatic and autonomous medical systems are already released and being used, and nurses and doctor’s have started adopting the technology to reduce manual work, and to provide more accurate service and impactful interventions to patients. An analysis by Accenture says that key AI applications in healthcare can create $150 billion dollars in annual savings for the US healthcare economy by 2026.

While in other technology areas application of AI is geared primarily at performance, for healthcare applications the primary focus should be on safety. The benefits of AI are so tantalizing that they may overshadow the risks associated with the technology. Ensuring safety of AI is of paramount importance, not only to patients, but also to AI itself. Only a few catastrophic outcomes could spell doom for AI.