Program Ends (kind of)

It’s true, the day-long program has concluded.

But the new relationships you formed are just beginning!

If you go back to work and don’t keep in touch with the people you met, well, why’d you come in the first place?

Go. Cement relationships. Build your network of medical device professionals on whom you can rely.

Start with me:

You’re a 10x alumnus now! You can call me anytime, for anything.

I’m happy to know you.


• 2-hour reception and networking with our sponsors, speakers, and guests
• Two drink tickets, light food included


Can’t make the whole event but want to mingle and learn?

No problem, join us at a steep discount Thursday night for our keynote and reception – and still meet everyone we assembled!

We’d love to include you, if even for a little while.

Keynote: Philip Low, “The Neurotechnology Revolution is Here”

We’re excited (honored, actually) to welcome 2016 keynote speaker (10x Medical Device Conference, San Diego) Philip Low ,PhD back to our stage.

As NeuroVigil Chairman, CEO & Founder, iBrain Inventor and Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness Author, Dr. Low will share his latest developments and what you can expect from the future of neurotechnology.

Event Recap

A little real-time feedback from you:
• What were your major takeaways?
• What did you love?
• What can we improve for next time?


Fast Round #2: Meet 4 Companies That Can Help You Right Away

Click here to apply for one of the eight Fast Round spots.
This is how a ‘Fast Round’ works:

  • It’ll be just you and Joe onstage, both sitting on bar stools.
  • Joe will ask questions, the kind he’d ask if he walked up to your trade show booth.
  • Joe won’t prepare in advance. In fact, the less he knows, the better.
  • Joe will start with this question: “So who are you, and what do you do?”
  • Questions will flow naturally from there.
  • Joe may also ask (so be prepared): “Teach us something about your work (but not in any way self-promotional) that you believe the average guest in our audience may not know.”
  • If you choose to bring something onstage, it will be small enough for you to carry on and off the stage.
  • You’ll need to fill out a simple one-page template. During our three minutes, we’ll project it onscreen to aid visual learners. It will also appear in show photographs (and can subsequently be used for your social media efforts).
  • It will be recorded and professionally edited for your later use, however you see fit.

It’ll be fun, casual, and a real crowd-pleaser. Starring you!

Here’s an sample Fast Round. Should we feature you too?
(A modest additional charge assessed to cover production costs.)


Ice Cream Social (Very Important!)

No offense to our speakers, but this is my favorite part of every 10x.

Make your own sundae with all the toppings! Yay!

What’s the true value of your technology to the NHS?

Details to follow.

Is Your Digital Health Innovation Rife with IP Risk?

Innovating in the digital health space is especially risky when it comes to intellectual property.

Speaker Stephen Carter will show you where the risks are and what you can do to protect yourself.

Valuable for any digital health entrepreneur.