Joe Hage: "I Hate Boring Conferences"

Joe Hage: "I Hate Boring Conferences"

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Joe Hage: “I Hate Boring Conferences”

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I hate boring conferences, so this medical device conference will not be boring. It may not even be a conference.

10x is a thought leaders forum for medical device execs. We limit participation to 200 guests to keep it intimate and meaningful. I’ll know everyone there and could introduce you around.

I’m calling 10x a “Conference” because people know what a conference is. But what is it really?

A Medical Device Reunion.

If, as attendees, you do this conference the right way, you’ll know one another so well by the time you get there, we’ll have a reunion.

“Oh, Michelle and Perry! I’m so happy to finally meet you both in person! Thanks for the work you’re doing with the Entrepreneurs subgroup.”

“Carl, I really like the three-minute video like Joe’s site. Can we shoot one like that at the hotel?”

And I can tell you now, Siraj needs to meet Tapan.

See how this works? The Joe Hage conference will be unlike any other you have ever attended; no ordinary conference this. Let’s make real business connections.

I intend to update the “Who’s Attending” worksheet continuously so our guests can see who is joining us.

So, my guests, go! Meet fellow Medical Devices Group members. Make business!

And let me know how I can help!