Innovation is Just Good Business – Here’s How to Make it Happen

Despite having a focus, a leader, a strategy, even a burning passion to be more innovative – most companies fail to innovate in a way that delivers a commercial outcome. Why is that? What are the blockers and how do companies deliver innovative solutions on a repeated basis?

In this talk we’ll explain an innovation process, which is based on design-thinking best practices, that is being used by some of the world’s leading medtech companies to not just solve tough problems but ensure that they are solving the right problems. The process, known as the BRIGHT process, steps companies through 3 definite steps in exploring the problem space before switching to three steps dedicated to exploring the solution space. This framework allows companies to take risks, explore and learn without jeopardizing their business or their brand.

Most companies, especially medical companies, become very good at managing and reducing risk. But it is often these risk-management procedures that can permeate parts of the business where risk is an essential element to innovate. The BRIGHT process is ideal for regulated industries and in this talk we will unpack several actual examples of how leading medtech companies are using the BRIGHT process to ensure ‘innovation is just good business.’