3-Hour Workshop: The Essentials for Medical Device Marketing Success

I used to say, “If you or members of your team work in the marketing of medical devices, we heartily recommend you take this 3-hour workshop with Joe Hage, veteran medical device marketing expert, leader of the Medical Devices Group at MedicalDevicesGroup.net, and host of the family of 10x Medical Device events.”

And while that’s still true, the incomparable Ted Rubin will join me on stage for the three hours. Ted is a force of nature, a highly sought-after speaker on the international circuit.

If you leave our session without a different mindset about how to approach your medical device marketing in this day and age, then we’ve done something really, really wrong.

Bonus! At the end of the workshop, interested registrants will have the option to get a one-on-one hour-long consultation with Joe for just $100.