Program Ends (kind of)

It’s true, the two day-long program has concluded.

But the new relationships you formed are just beginning!

If you go back to work and don’t keep in touch with the people you met, well, why’d you come in the first place?

Go. Cement relationships. Build your network of medical device professionals on whom you can rely.

Many of today’s guests hail from my most trusted MDG Premium network. We meet weekly. Perhaps joining us is a good place to start.

You can join us at

MDG Premium here. And if you attended, I probably gave you a secret code for a discount. 🙂

You’re a 10x alumnus now! You can call me anytime, for anything.

I’m happy to know you.

Closing Thoughts

A little real-time feedback from you:
• What were your major takeaways?
• What did you love?
• What can we improve for next time?
A special discount toward future 10x Medical Device Conferences will be available only at this time as a thank-you to those to stay until the end for the feedback session.

Concentrated Consulting

Something we did with much success last year: Invited two audience members in front of the room to discuss their greatest challenges. The audience, filled with experts in every discipline, gave their thoughts with lots of “have you considered…” and “I know someone you should meet. Talk with me later.”

You know, family stuff. 😇


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