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Archives for September 2017

How the Medical Intelligence Cloud will Revolutionize Healthcare

“If you’re developing a device and it doesn’t integrate some kind of intelligence, you are contributing to the problem,” began Spyro Mousses, PhD, Co-founder and President of Systems Imagination, at his 10x Medical Device Conference talk in May.

Dr. Mousses explained we need to transform your data into something useful, which is less likely if it doesn’t feed into an expert system or cognitive computing / machine learning system. It’s so impractical to consider data from each system independently that we don’t even collect it.

But “the little taste we’ve gotten from using genomic data to position cancer drugs, to using integrated image analysis, to look at cardiology, has taught us there is a massive amount of intelligence to individualize treatments.”

This will revolutionize healthcare. Watch the video and get the slides below.

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