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Archives for January 2014

2013’s Creative Funding in a Difficult Medical Device Environment

medical device company financing

Do you know what DARPA is? They have billions of dollars for R&D each year.

If the timeline to introduce a medical device is years, how much can an incubator help you?

If, as a sector, we’ve had negative returns over the last 10 years, a mediocre IPO market, increased time for return on investments, significant concern regarding FDA process, and payment issues, how can we attract funding?

Here for the answers, watch the “Creative Funding in a Difficult Medical Device Environment” video replay.

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2013’s How We Grew Exponentially

Medical Device companies growth

A lot of really salient points about growing your medical device company, from the 10x Medical Device Conference panel “How We Grew Exponentially.”

Our speakers included Tom McCall, Chief Marketing Officer, ICU Medical; Jim Buck, President & CEO, Mardil Medical; Steve Ogilvie, VP of Corporate Development, NuVasive; Michael Dale, President & CEO, Helical Solutions. MedCity News’ Chris Seper moderated the session.

A full transcript accompanies the video.

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