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Archives for January 2013

Medical Device Events : Live Webcasts vs Recorded, Downloadable Video

Michael YonchenkoGuest post from Michael Yonchenko who has many years of experience in medical device events recording and communications and who will be recording the 10x Conference in Minneapolis this year.

In the 1980s many of my medical device and pharma clients asked me to produce marketing videoconferences live-via-satellite.

These live events were “narrowcast” to predetermined locations in many cities around the country. The defined audience was potential buyers of my clients’ products. The content for these programs was well-defined and presented. Audience members could interact with the presenters via phone lines. Many, but not all, resulted in meeting intended goals and objectives.

These were very expensive programs to produce. Unless the cost of the program was +/- $100/participant there would not be a justifiable ROI. Videoconferencing was often just an exciting corporate communications fad. Marketing executives had found a fill and needed it.

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Joe Hage: “I Hate Boring Conferences”

I hate boring conferences, so this medical device conference will not be boring. It may not even be a conference.

10x is a thought leaders forum for medical device execs. We limit participation to 200 guests to keep it intimate and meaningful. I’ll know everyone there and could introduce you around.

I’m calling 10x a “Conference” because people know what a conference is. But what is it really?

A Medical Device Reunion.

If, as attendees, you do this conference the right way, you’ll know one another so well by the time you get there, we’ll have a reunion.

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