Who Should Attend?

10x Medical ConferenceOur guests tend to be medical device company CEOs, presidents, vice presidents, directors, and senior managers, as well as business development executives from medical device consultancies.

Email me for our confirmed guest list.

YES! Join us if you want to:
• Discuss a range of timely subjects
• Meet people outside your discipline
device-specific-event• Make significant, lasting connections
• Help others

NO! Stay home if you want to:
• Focus narrowly on your area
• Meet people who do the same things you do
• Hand out a lot of business cards
• Collect “leads” so you can “justify your ROI”

Truly, this is an event for executives who want to make high-level connections among medical device professionals with heart.

Medical Devices SummitIf you attend with the goal of winning business, this is the wrong event for you.

Instead, come with the desire to connect and learn. You’ll form relationships with 100+ like-minded folks who want to see you succeed which, I’d argue, is more valuable in the long-run than making a sale.

We’re including a Manufacturers Showcase this year so, while we don’t have a “trade show floor” with hundreds of exhibitors and vendors, you’ll see what some of our guests are working on.

How’s all this sounding for you?

If you’re liking it, drop me a note and tell me so!