GCPRs Targeted Drug Discovery Summit

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May 23 @ 7:14 am

GPCRs-targeted drug discovery continues to gain exponential momentum, with advances in screening tools, characterization of dynamic confirmations and basic GPCR biology, including orphan receptors. Coupled with numerous strategic collaboration and investment, the GPCR field is fuelling for the clinical progression of next-generation small molecules and biologics across a spectrum of indications and previously undrugged GPCR targets.

Owing to this, the Annual GPCRs-Targeted Drug Discovery Summit returns for its 3rd year as the world’s only and most comprehensive industry dedicated GPCR forum. Bringing two brand new specialized tracks of content (Target ID and Validation and Hit ID and Optimization), don’t miss out on your ultimate chance to unite with 100+ GPCR experts devoted to accelerating the discovery of new, transformative small molecules and biologics.

Time: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm


May 23, 2024
7:14 am