10x London is back!

Thank you, Medical Device Community, for your invitation to host a 10x Medical Device Conference in London! We're returning for the first-time since the pandemic and it will be great to see you again.

You want to know what 10x is all about and whether it's right for you. Here's the backstory that brings you up to date for this, our twelfth event.

Doors open at 7:30 on 15 September 2022. "Last call" will be 8 p.m. and your £495 registration includes full-day catering (a lite breakfast, fork buffet lunch, coffee breaks, food, drinks – and our famous ice cream social!).

If you can't spend a whole day with us, please attend the evening events starting at 5 o'clock: A thought-provoking keynote presentation, immediately followed by a 'two-hour cocktail and hors d'oeuvres' reception. (Just £90 for the three-hour-long evening package.)

We were lucky and squeezed this in Feb 2020 - just before the COVID shutdown.

Are you a First Timer?

If you haven’t attended a 10x Medical Device event yet, make 2022 the year you do. Wear jeans, indulge in our famous ice cream social, relax with movie clips between medical device networking sessions, and enjoy music videos in the background during the breaks.

In short, come!

Schedule for 15 September

Attend and join our tightly knit group of industry professionals.

7:45 AM

Breakfast (doors open at 7:30)

We’ll bring the coffee, tea and croissants, Danish pastries, and fruit juice.

You bring your smile, business cards, and positive energy for the day ahead!


9:00 AM

Conference Opens

Conference Host Joe Hage welcomes you to the conference and sets the stage for the productive and enjoyable day ahead.

Joe Hage

Michelle Sullivan Boston Scientific Public Affairs net zero

9:10 AM

How to Make Net Zero Healthcare a Reality

9:40 AM

Medtech on the Pre-Clinical Precipice

Nick Skaer, CEO and Founder of Orthox, has been at his startup for 17 years now with pre-clinicals around the corner.

How will he transition to the next stage of his company’s growth? How would you?

Nick Skaer PhD

10:10 AM

Fast Round #1: Meet 4 Companies That Can Help You Right Away

Click here to apply for one of the eight Fast Round spots.
This is how a ‘Fast Round’ works:

  • It’ll be just you and Joe onstage, both sitting on bar stools.
  • Joe will ask questions, the kind he’d ask if he walked up to your trade show booth.
  • Joe won’t prepare in advance. In fact, the less he knows, the better.
  • Joe will start with this question: “So who are you, and what do you do?”
  • Questions will flow naturally from there.
  • Joe may also ask (so be prepared): “Teach us something about your work (but not in any way self-promotional) that you believe the average guest in our audience may not know.”
  • If you choose to bring something onstage, it will be small enough for you to carry on and off the stage.
  • You’ll need to fill out a simple one-page template. During our three minutes, we’ll project it onscreen to aid visual learners. It will also appear in show photographs (and can subsequently be used for your social media efforts).
  • It will be recorded and professionally edited for your later use, however you see fit.

It’ll be fun, casual, and a real crowd-pleaser. Starring you!

Here’s an sample Fast Round, featuring our mate Stephen Carter. Should we feature you too?
(A modest additional charge assessed to cover production costs.)


10:30 AM


During our short break, meet new friends with the technologies and skills to get you to market smarter – and faster!


11:00 AM

Interactive Session: Using the "Google" for Regulatory Data

If you’re in medical devices, you likely need Real World Evidence, patient data, and clinical trials.

The value of this work comes from the ability to interpret data in its many forms. Nyquist Data helps by curating regulatory approval data previously hidden in document. Come with data points you need to pull for something you’re working on.

Presenter Helena Ting (and Nyquist Founder Michelle Wu, remotely) will demonstrate how easy to pull – and how detailed and copy-and-paste-ready presentable – the data you need from any FDA, EU, Chinese, Japanese, or clinical trials database.

It’s an amazing tool. That’s why I had to have them present, and why I accepted their sponsorship.

Come prepared!

Helena Ting

11:30 AM

Interactive Session: What Do You Need?

Among the most popular MDG Premium features is #what-do-you-need, where members lean on the community for business-furthering connections, introductions, and answers.

In this interactive session, I’ll pass the microphone around so each of us can tell the room where you’re stuck, what help you need, which introductions will help you grow your business faster, better, and less expensively than you can on your own.

It works famously virtually. It may be even more successful here, in person, for the first time at a 10x Medical Device Conference.

Assess your business. Isolate your greatest challenge or need. Then share with the audience.

It’s the very spirit of this event.

Joe Hage

12:00 PM


We have a lovely fork buffet planned. I get to choose five items (not sure which yet).

So if you have a preference or dietary restrictions, now’s the time to let me know!


1:00 PM

Selling in EMEA: Managing Direct Sales and Distribution

1:30 PM

The Seven Deadly Software-as-Medical-Device Challenges

Jeff McBride joins Diarmuid for questions and answers after a short presentation. They explain,

“For a medical device to be successful it needs to fulfil three essential criteria. It must fill an unmet medical need, it must demonstrate clinical utility, and it must have the support and endorsement of key opinion leaders. Software, is no different.

Doctors and clinicians are essentially in the business of data acquisition. “”How long have you felt this way?”” “”Where does it hurt?”” “”Have you changed your lifestyle recently?”” Is there a family history of this condition?”” Not all medical devices contain software, and not all health-related software is a medical device.

Understanding the classification of your software product or idea is critical towards determining the success or failure of your start-up company. Development of Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) presents a number of challenges to budding medical technology entrepreneurs. These include a wide range of hurdles to overcome including, finance, investment, technology, hardware, procurement, regulatory, legal etc. etc. The SaMD entrepreneur needs to be a master of all of these, or so it would appear.

SaMD entrepreneurs will get insights into best practices for developing products and meeting the challenges they face. Potential investors can gain insight into the mindset of the SaMD world. Potential suppliers and vendors can discover the most suitable ways of interacting with SaMD companies. Most importantly, by applying a patient-outcome approach towards the successful deployment of novel medical technologies, everyone will empathise and understand the needs and benefits of a successful product journey from concept to market.”

Diarmuid Cahalane

2:00 PM

Is Your Digital Health Innovation Rife with IP Risk?

Innovating in the digital health space is especially risky when it comes to intellectual property.

Speaker Stephen Carter will show you where the risks are and what you can do to protect yourself.

Valuable for any digital health entrepreneur.

Stephen Carter

2:30 PM

Ice Cream Social (Very Important!)

No offense to our speakers, but this is my favorite part of every 10x.

Make your own sundae with all the toppings! Yay!

Ice Cream Social!

3:00 PM

What Happens If You Miss The MDR Deadline?

3:30 PM

Surgical Robotics, Conversational AI, and the Future of Healthcare

3:50 PM

How to Fast-track Medtech Adoption Among Clinicians

Andrew will discuss how to change behaviors to become more agile, how to facilitate technology adoption, and integrate into legacy systems.

Andrew Cowen

4:20 PM

What Does The Metaverse Have To Do With All This?

Kate is a futurist and transhumanist who seeks to harness technology to promote humans beyond current physical and mental limitations.

What role do medical devices play?

Kate Levchuk

5:00 PM

Philip Low, 10 years after his Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness will discuss "The Neurotechnology Revolution is Here (and it's not a zero-sum game)"

We’re excited (honored, actually) to welcome 2016 keynote speaker (10x Medical Device Conference, San Diego) Philip Low, PhD back to our stage.

As NeuroVigil Chairman, CEO & Founder, iBrain Inventor and Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness Author, Dr. Low will share his latest developments and what you can expect from the future of neurotechnology.

We’ll also have a “Fireside Chat” with Dr. Low on this, the tenth anniversary of his seminal work, the “Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness.”

Philip Low PhD

6:00 PM


• 2-hour reception and networking with our sponsors, speakers, and guests
• Two drink tickets, light food included


Can’t make the whole event but want to mingle and learn?

No problem, join us at a steep discount Thursday night for our keynote and reception – and still meet everyone we assembled!

We’d love to include you, if even for a little while.

Come to our Reception!

8:00 PM

Program Ends (kind of)

It’s true, the day-long program has concluded.

But the new relationships you formed are just beginning!

If you go back to work and don’t keep in touch with the people you met, well, why’d you come in the first place?

Go. Cement relationships. Build your network of medical device professionals on whom you can rely.

Start with me: linkedin.com/in/joehageonline.

You’re a 10x alumnus now! You can call me anytime, for anything.

I’m happy to know you.

Keep in touch!

Top Speakers

You'll Get To Know These Medical Device Leaders

Philip Low PhD

NeuroVigil *KEYNOTE*

Chairman & Founder, iBrain Inventor; Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness Author

Michelle Sullivan

Boston Scientific

Head of Public Affairs on an environmental sustainability mission to net zero healthcare

Helena Ting

Nyquist Data

Commercializing SaaS-based portal for intuitive FDA, EU, China, Japan, and clinical trial database access

Leslie Hammermüller


Expert in clinical data collection and evaluation, now helping medical device companies transition to MDR

Diarmuid Cahalane

European Device Solutions

Recognized Software as Medical Device and Regulatory Compliance expert; Enterprise Ireland Mentor

20-year European and UK patent attorney helping manage IP risks and capture IP value

Kate Levchuk


Transhumanist harnessing tech to promote humans beyond current physical, mental limitations

Medical-grade devices for wearable health and wellness, remote diagnostic devices

MHRA, HPRA, FDA-recognized RA/QA expert in mobile health, specifically "apps" since 2012

Erin White


Vice President of Sales Performance, leading direct and distributor effort in new EMEA push

Nick Skaer PhD


Award-winning Orthox founder, chairman; raised £25M+ to commercialise FibroFix technology

Innovation facilitator, author versed in surgical robotics, conversational AI, and the future of healthcare

Your 10x Host, Chairman of the Medical Devices Group, and medical device marketing consultant

Apply or recommend a speaker or topic to shape this and future 10x Medical Device Conferences

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Low Risk: An extraordinarily generous refund policy if you need to cancel for any reason!
Discounts: Available for students, the unemployed, and groups of 3+.


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Keynote + Reception Only 🍷

Event Highlight: Enjoy our keynote speaker and mingle with guests from around the world over food and drink.

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What Alumni Say About 10x

John Eckberg

Cook Group

I am never not going to go to 10x. This is a MUST ATTEND event.

Brett Goldsmith

Nanomedical Diagnostics

The people you pulled aside for us, and the relaxed, collaborative tone were excellent.

Leonard Eisner

Medical device consultant

I’ve never been to a conference where I made connections like this one.

Nicholas Anderson

Intermountain Health

I hope other conferences “drop the pretense” and let people be themselves like 10x does.

Jason Spencer


The April 2018 event exceeded expectations. Top notch with lots of extras.

Rob Packard

Medical Device Academy

My only regret is not inviting more people.


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