Are you a First Timer?

If you haven’t attended a 10x Medical Device event yet, make 2024 the year you do. Wear jeans, indulge in our famous ice cream social, relax with movie clips between medical device networking sessions, and enjoy music videos in the background during the breaks.

In short, come!


But what is the 10x Medical Device Conference?

10x Medical Device Conference is the cross-functional event where the medical device industry unites to grow your skills, network, and profit. It’s designed to foster strong professional relationships among medical device players eager to learn smarter ways to do things with industry-leading resources. This will be our fourteenth event.

For what level is the 10x Medical Device Conference geared? This medical device event is geared equally for senior and junior level professionals in the medical device industry.

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The Agenda

Attend and join our tightly knit group of industry professionals.

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  • April 30 Before the Conference
  • May 01 Day 1
  • May 02 Day 2

7:30 AM


Our medical device conference registration table will be open all day. We encourage you to check-in with us before 5:15 PM if you’re joining us for the keynote presentation at 5:30 PM.


8:30 AM


3-Hour Workshop: Today's Health Economics and Reimbursement Landscape

Nic is going to change this one up this year. Teaming up with April Zambelli-Weiner, he’ll still spend a few minutes laying the basis of how healthcare really works in the USA but this year he’s going to spend more time with each of you discussing the real-world implications of coding and coverage of your device/diagnostic.

Nic Anderson/April Zambelli-Weiner

1:00 PM


3-Hour Workshop: Essentials for Medical Device Marketing Success

If you or members of your team work in the marketing of medical devices, we heartily recommend you take this 3-hour workshop with Joe Hage, veteran medical device marketing expert, leader of the Medical Devices Group at, and host of the family of 10x Medical Device events.”

If you leave the session without a different mindset about how to approach your medical device marketing in this day and age, then we’ve done something really, really wrong.

Bonus! At the end of the workshop, interested registrants will have the option to get a one-on-one hour-long consultation for just $100.

Joe Hage

5:30 PM


6:15 PM

2-Hour Welcome Reception

• 2-hour reception and networking with our sponsors, exhibitors, and guests
• Two drink tickets, light food included 

Can’t make the whole event but want to mingle and learn? No problem, join us Tuesday night for our keynote and reception. 

We’d love to see you!

Come to our Reception!

7:45 AM


9:00 AM

Conference Opens

Conference Host Joe Hage welcomes you to the conference and sets the stage for a productive and enjoyable two-day event.

Joe Hage

9:10 AM

2024: The Year Medical Device AI Came Into Its Own

9:50 AM

How to Play the Shifting Medical Device Landscape

10:30 AM


During our short break, meet exhibitors who have the technologies and skills to get you to market smarter – and faster!


11:00 AM

How to Get More Out of Your QSMR

11:30 AM

Reimbursement and Health Economics: The 3 Scariest Words in Medtech

12:00 PM


1:00 PM

Speaking of Scary: MDR, The Scariest Regulation to Come Out of Europe, Ever

1:30 PM

Medical Device Cybersecurity: Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

If you’re not careful, you – and patients and customers – could be in a heap of trouble.

Mohamad Foustok

2:00 PM

Critical Engineering Questions for your Medtech Startup

2:30 PM

Ice Cream Social (Very Important!)

No offense to our speakers, but this is my favorite part of every 10x.

Make your own sundae with all the toppings! Yay!

Ice Cream Social!

3:20 PM

How to Lead Through Periods of Hypergrowth and Chaos

4:00 PM

Fighting Apple, Medtronic and Others: Patent Rights

4:30 PM

Day 1 Program Concludes

Take a break in the sun. Or refresh yourself for the evening. Whatever you like… it’s free play.


5:45 PM

Open Bar, 3-Course Dinner (with us, slight upcharge)

This year, we’ll celebrate our connection with an open bar and filet mignon. We ask a $100 donation from conference registrants. $170 from reception-only guests.


7:45 AM


9:00 AM

Conference Resumes

Joe recaps main takeaways from day one and kicks off our second day of education and networking with your fellow medical device industry leaders.

Joe Hage

9:10 AM

Thoughts on Raising Capital in Medtech

9:50 AM

How You Should Be Selling Into Hospital Systems

Gunter is consistently one of our top-rated presenters.

Gunter Wessels

10:30 AM


11:00 AM

Why Medical Sales Reps Hate Marketing

11:30 AM

Revolutionizing MedTech Branding: AI-Powered Patient-Centric Approach for Competitive Advantage

12:00 PM


1:00 PM

LinkedIn Can Still Work – If You Pay Close Attention How

1:30 PM

Ignore Packaging At Your Peril

2:00 PM


2:20 PM

Concentrated Consulting

Something we did with much success last year: Invited two audience members in front of the room to discuss their greatest challenges. The audience, filled with experts in every discipline, gave their thoughts with lots of “have you considered…” and “I know someone you should meet. Talk with me later.”

You know, family stuff. 😇


3:00 PM

Closing Thoughts

A little real-time feedback from you:
• What were your major takeaways?
• What did you love?
• What can we improve for next time?
A special discount toward future 10x Medical Device Conferences will be available only at this time as a thank-you to those to stay until the end for the feedback session.

Joe Hage

3:15 PM

Program Ends (kind of)

It’s true, the two day-long program has concluded.

But the new relationships you formed are just beginning!

If you go back to work and don’t keep in touch with the people you met, well, why’d you come in the first place?

Go. Cement relationships. Build your network of medical device professionals on whom you can rely.

Many of today’s guests hail from my most trusted MDG Premium network. We meet weekly. Perhaps joining us is a good place to start.

You can join us at

MDG Premium here. And if you attended, I probably gave you a secret code for a discount. 🙂

You’re a 10x alumnus now! You can call me anytime, for anything.

I’m happy to know you.

Keep in touch!

Top Speakers

You'll Get To Know These Medical Device Leaders

Anthony Chang

CHOC and AIMed

Founder of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Global Convener for Transformation

Marc Viscogliosi

Spine BioPharma

Chairman & CEO; Orthopedic Private Capitalist; MCRA Founder

Dr. David Albert

AliveCor Founder

AliveCor Chief Medical Officer, his KardiaMobile device records your EKG, detects Atrial Fibrillation

Maurizio Vecchione

Terasaki Biomedical

Chief Innovation Officer, Terasaki Institute for Biomedical Innovation; venture capital advisor and investor

Matthias Fink


Consultant for Medical Devices and an Orthopedic Surgeon

Michelle Lott RAC


Regulatory and quality management expert in FDA guidances and submissions, QMS, EU, and MDR

Justin Bushko

Concise Engineering

Engineering for medical device companies of any size; embedded systems design, product development lifecycle

Marketing expert, publisher, MedTech, Life Sciences, HealthTech, MDR/IVDR, and QA/RA

Omar Khateeb

Khateeb & Co.

Helping Medtech Companies Find Early Adopters & Grow Pipeline Using Social Media

Brand humanitarian with more than 30 years of creative leadership across all industries

Johnathan Fansler

Addison Whitney

Led global branding projects for global companies and brands that are seeking the right approach (the first time)

Gunter Wessels


Passionate to the improvement of human performance and business practices in sales & marketing

Packaging development and optimization

Nic Anderson

Health Economist

Accomplished health economist, expert in reimbursement and funding strategy

Your 10x Host, Chairman of the Medical Devices Group, and medical device marketing consultant

Randy Landreneau

US Inventor

President of US Inventor, an organization working to restore the American Patent System

Gregory Grissett

Offit Kurman, P.A.

Counsel businesses in acquiring, protecting, and defending intellectual property assets

Mohamad Foustok

Bold Type

Software Architect, Computer Scientist, Inventor, Entrepreneur

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What Alumni Say About 10x

John Eckberg

Cook Group

I am never not going to go to 10x. This is a MUST ATTEND event.

Brett Goldsmith

Nanomedical Diagnostics

The people you pulled aside for us, and the relaxed, collaborative tone were excellent.

Leonard Eisner

Medical device consultant

I’ve never been to a conference where I made connections like this one.

Nicholas Anderson

Intermountain Health

I hope other conferences “drop the pretense” and let people be themselves like 10x does.

Jason Spencer


The April 2018 event exceeded expectations. Top notch with lots of extras.

Rob Packard

Medical Device Academy

My only regret is not inviting more people.
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